Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Terror Visions - World of Shit extended LP.

Back in 2007 FDH record released the Terror Visions full length record "World of Shit". This project was a side project of Jay Reatard's that recorded tracks over a 4 year span near the end of the Lost Sounds and the start of his solo career. This was Jays studio harsh electropunk project. The original release of world of Shit was a picture disk LP with 12 tracks limited to 1000 copies and a CD with 2 extra tracks (14 songs total). For this reissue we are including the entire world of shit recording plus 2 previously unreleased tracks, 1 original and a cover of "Brian Eno - Babys on Fire". So this album will now be a 100% band discography. The album will be pressed only on vinyl (180 gram vinyl) and will feature a gatefold LP cover with new art. We are expecting to have this re-released in the November as long as everything goes according to plan. I normally dont do preorders however I will be doing one with this. We will be having a drawing and giving away a few copies of the test pressing to folks that do preorder the record. Stay tuned for more info soon.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Update (part 2)

So last week when I made the update to the page I forogt to mention one of the upcoming releases. A new 7" for The Poppets! They are working on the recording now. That Poppets 7" and the Maybe Baby 7" are the next 2 things coming out. Im expecting to get them both into the pressing plant in May. We are shooting to have them both out for both bands tours this August.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring 2011 update

After a few mopnths of taking it easy its time to get things moving again. Here are some Updates.

Outer Minds - We are still on track to release this bands first full length sometime this year. This is a follow up to their 7"s on Hozac and Goodbye Boozy. I actually highly recommend checking out the Goodbye Boozy single. The band asked me to do that one originally and I told them forget the single lets do a LP. The band is working on recording the full length between touring in both this band and other bands.

Crusaders of Love - After seeing this band last year and hearing the LP on Douchemaster I knew I wanted to work with them. The have recorded some songs and will be doing some sort of record with me this year. We have talked about it possibly being a 7" of their own or a split 7". Im not willing to say what band the split may be with but I will say that their are shared members between Crusaders and this other amazing band.

Cum Stain - Heard this bands 7" on Florida's Dying and loved it right out of the gate. After then hearing the tape on Burger I knew I wanted them to do a FDH record. So a 7" is in the works.

White Wires - After flipping my shit over their new LP I asked a freind for their contact info. Turns out one of the band members has been a loyal FDH fan for years. Its for sure a while down the road as the band has other commitments but a 7" is planned for somewhere down the road.

We Aren't Friendly - Sadly this is not happening anymore.

Maybe Baby - So for years I have not been accepting demos. The other day I got one from this band and figured why not give it a listen. Within hours it was decided that this was gonna be on FDH. 2 new songs to follow up the 7" on Windian. These 2 tracks were recorded and mixed by Matthew Melton (Bare Wires / Snake Flower 2).

Demos - So after what has happened with Maybe Baby I have decided to take demos again. I dont take electronic demos so dont bother sending MP3'S or zip files. I had 1 harddrive fried from a demo that had a virus. If you would like to send a demo please see the contact info on the page.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Releases now available & Overstock Clearance


A bass tone like a warped broadcast barely winning it's fight with am radio fuzz. A hypnotizing keyboard that sounds like someone crafted an infernal machine from the toy section of a resale shop. Hailing from Detroit, damaged new-wave duo TERMINAL GIRLS' debut Weird Lights LP on FDH records avoids the lo-fi trappings of layers and layers of tape hiss and clipping vocals buried in the mix to deliver something that's clean enough to bore itself right into your brain and dare you to drill a hole in your skull so it can escape. Become a cosmonaut from an alternate past that sets out on a voyage to deep space to find god's skeletal remains. That vast, empty boring part of outer space is no longer boring, and is more vast, more empty. You are so lonely and depressed that you want to commit suicide but Weird Lights force you to have a one man dance party instead. The beats drill into your body, reaching speeds that should be too fast to dance to but aren't. None of this makes you feel any better about freezing to death in your spacesuit, but you've lived for so long you can't care anymore. Like a less self conscious THE SCREAMERS, unconcerned with trying to sound punk and artsy, but they manage to do it effortlessly. Sometimes it becomes so catchy but alienated it could have come from some sewer dwelling mole-man mid 90s boy-band. FDH is unleashing TERMINAL GIRLS' Weird Lights LP early 2011, so you have about a year to listen to it every day before the world ends. Concerned you cant carry your LP around and listen to it everywhere? Don't worry, it comes with a free MP3 download code. Weird Lights is limited to 300 copies, so grab a copy before you have to fight some mutant for it. LP limited to 300 copies each with a free MP3 download code. Get a sneak peak of the song at ( press release written by Jon Carpus)

Where you were in 2002?

Were the Atom Smashers the band for you?

Wore a chain-wallet

And you thought you looked slick

Well all you goys really make me sick

As the sun mercifully sets upon the leaky bucket and ransom note tapestries of so much received punk rock wisdom– nothing good after ‘Nuggets’ and before ‘The Ramones,’ Status Quo looking better in lace than in denim, Rip Off Records being anything other than embarrassing – there now un-sprawls a veritable Fulda Gap of credibility wherein nothing is true and everything is remitted. A surfeit of space – a kind of scrub lebensraum interzone – wide open and just-fertile-enough to support the casting of whole new herds of sacred ceremonial cattle, fed/weaned upon the kind of wild assertions and mild-boogie-sauce-sounds previously confined strictly to the ghettoes and tree-houses of fetishistic, male-dominated DJ nights. Now it’s fetishistic niche rock ‘n’ roll; if not a new golden age for rock, at least a fresh cast of clich├ęs!

Ramma Lamma! It’s obvious in every way; in its trappings, deliveries, references and band name. Subtle as a flying mallet, which, if you’re still taking your drinks mixed, indicates to me that you should probably stick to sipping daiquiris with your girlfriends and let this double-shot of sound alone. You may recognize the faces (Ex - Plexi 3 / Kill-A-Watts) and you may even recognize the names, but in the true spirit of budget Paul Gadd-style reinvention you’ll doubtful recognize the dance moves. Boogie! ‘Big Street Time’ (sung by Rye Anne) sounds like Mud’s ‘Dynamite’ arm-wrestling ‘Supersonic’ by Andy Bown in the zebra crossing to Hustler’s ‘High Street’ in the best hyperbolic sense of the compare (the lyrics are about partying). ‘True Life Stories’ (dulcetly delivered by Wynn Dee) brings to mind a lost track from ‘Submarine Tracks & Fools Gold’ with the guitar line sounding utterly Chiswick-ic (and the lyrics personally resonating with this failed soft-drugs user; they’re about partying too).

Whilst so many of their contemporaries continue to dig themselves ever deeper into a one-dimensional Sha Na Na pit of pizza, Whoa-Ohs and Bay Area pop-punk gold lame, Ramma Lamma choogle on down the line with the sweat of Frut, Flash Cadillac and the Flamin’ Groovies. If these guys were younger than me, I’d probably hate them. Recommended to fans of rock, ‘n’, roll and alcoholism.


Are you a square?

How gray is your hair?

Are you a nerd?

Or just a garage punk turd?

7" Limited to 500 copies each with a free MP3 download code.Please note limited edition double 7" covers are not in stock so they will not ship for a few more weeks. Get a sneak preak of the songs at
(press release written by teenagegurls)

TOKYO ELECTRON - AZ238 LP (repress) - Back in stock only 100 at FDH!!!!!!

Clearance items - In order to make some space in my room for new releases im selling off some older stock at discounted prices. In order to get the clearance pricing you must order at least 1 new item. To place an order with any of these items please e-mail me direct and I will give you a price including shipping.

Armedalite Rifles - Shambolics Indeed - double LP - $13 / CD $4
Destruction Unit - Eclipse LP - $9
Doctor Scientist - Prehistoric Times LP - $8 / CD $3
Eartmen and Strangers LP - $7
Kidnappers - Ransom Notes LP $7
Mac Blackout - Western Blue LP $7
Mickey - 12"ep $10
Poppers 12"ep $7
Truthdealer - The Contrarian LP $7
Women - No Reasons LP $8
Blowtops - Brainshaker 7" $1.50
Digital Leather - Power Surge 7" $2
Doctor Scientist / Octagon Control - split 7" $1.50
Strange Attactor - Just looking 7" $2.50
Sudden Walks - Haulin ass 7"$2
Women - self titled 7" $ 1.50
Digital Leather - Blow Machine CD $2
Lunch With Beardo - Surrealistic Picnic CD $1
Terror Visions - World of Shit CD $3

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Update part 2 (changes)

So a few things have changed.

City Sweethearts - This single will NOT be coming out on FDH. Its a shame cause the songs ruled however it just is not gonna happen (at least anytime in the near future)

We Aren't Friendly - Back a few years ago Shawn Foree (the mastermind behind Digital Leather) put together a live lineup in Phoenix AZ. This lineup ended up recording a bunch of stuff some DL songs some, some Cutters songs some demos. This stuff recorded live was labeled "WE AREN'T FRIENDLY" as it was a much rawer and live sound then the DL records from years past. These recordings never got a offical release and were somewhat forgotten till now. Later this Year FDH and Tic Tac Totally will be teaming up (after years about talking about doing a c0-release) and putting out a 7" of this stuff.More info on that down the road.

Everything else from winter update 1 still stands. I should have the Terminal Girls, Ramma Lamma, and Tokyo Electron stuff available in a week or so.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter 2011 update

Well here we are another year and still plugging along. 2010 was a good year for us. We got to release 9 records and plan on 2011 getting that number up to 12 records. We have alot of goodies coming soon here is what you can expect.

Terminal Girls
- We are so happy to be releasing this bands first offical release. Its a 12 song LP called "weird lights". Its for sure gonna fit right into the synth side of FDH. The album is due out by mid Jan and will be limited to 300 copies (with MP3 download included)

Ramma Lamma- A new band from Ryan and Wendy from Plexi 3. We will be doing a 2 song sigle limited to 500 copies. This is 1/2 of the bands first singles (the other out on Certifed PR. Their will also be a very limited version of both 7"s packaged together (limited to 75 copies). This record will also come with a free mp3 download code and is due out around Mid Jan

Tokyo Electron - AZ 238- About a year ago We co-released this record with Certifed PR. The first pressing of 500 sold quick so we are gonna get 200 more of these out their. This is likely the last pressing so dont sleep on it as each label will only have about 80 copies. This is due out in mid Jan also.

City Sweethearts - After a LP on P.Trash this Toronto based powerpop band is back with 3 new tracks. This time mixed&mastered by Young Guv to add a nice dirty vibe to the recording. This single blows the first LP out of the water and is due out in early spring (co-released with Resurrection records)

Outer Minds- These guys put out a great 7" on Hozac in 2010. They will be following that up with a LP this year. If you have not heard them check out the first single for a great 60's pop/psych vibe that the LP is sure to grow on. This one is due out in the spring and is go be co-released with Resurrection records

Misc FDH stuff
- This year we are gonna try and make some changes to how we operate. Im still more or less a one man operation however I think I have found someone to help me with doing some web design. Im hoping to get the webpage to become alot more user freindly. Also from this point on we are planing on having FREE DOWNLOAD CODES WITH ALL NEW RELEASES! The fact is I would rather have people get the free download code and share that then a shitty vinyl rip. We also will begin to offer all new releases (and eventually back catalog) as MP3 sales. Im planing on doing it cheap also. The game plan is to ghave the tracks available for 1$ each and offer album downloads for 5$ and 7" downloads for 2$. More info on that coming soon.